We love snacks (a lot), and we want to fuel snackers everywhere with the energy they need to be their best. That's why we use only whole, plant-based foods with no refined sugars or artificial ingredients. You'll have all the power you need to shatter ceilings, break down barriers, or whatever else your day has in store. 


superman didn't have time for diets. neither do we.

We're all about healthy, whole foods that make you feel great. This isn't a diet food. It's just good food that's fun to make - and even more fun to eat.


(really) good snacks.

Figberry is super small right now, but we are actively looking for a likeminded charity to which we can contribute a portion of our profits or with whom we can create a partnership. Know of an organization that's focused on issues related to gender equality, sexual/domestic abuse prevention, or children's health that might be interested? Please let us know! 


Thanks for rolling with us, 

kori + nisha

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