Who doesn’t love a good lasagna? With hearty marinara sauce, bubbling cheese, and crispy bits on the top, it’s the perfect comfort food. So what do you do when you’re vegan? You still make a lasagna! Being vegan doesn’t mean depriving yourself of delicious food. And even if you’re not vegan, we guarantee that you and your family will love this lasagna because it’s tastes just like classic Italian comfort food.

The main components of this dish are (1) marinara sauce, (2) tofu “ricotta” cheese, (3) mashed butternut squash, (4) sautéed mushrooms and shallots, and (5) lasagna noodles. But you can easily customize this recipe to make it your own. Try adding sautéed kale or frozen, thawed spinach to get in your daily greens; substitute eggplant for mushrooms; or substitute the marinara sauce with pesto.

Finally, this dish is as easy to make as any lasagna. Don’t let the “tofu ricotta” trick you into thinking this is hard. It requires no cooking and takes 5 minutes to make! Bon Appétit!